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arrived. this is a live look at the emeryville and downtown oakland area where right now the temperature is plunging and it is only going to get colder with a freeze warning issued for parts of the bay area. >> and tonight some people are making the best of it. ice skating at union square in san francisco. there is snow in the sierra as well. this is video from earlier on highway 267 at north star. chains are required right now on interstate 80. it is at highways 50 and 88 as well. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. sandhya patel is tracking the cold weather with live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> yes and it will be icy cold
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tonight. we are in the clear right now and this is going to play into the chill. the freeze warning north bay in a few hours. when you are sleeping it goes up at 2:00 a.m. and it runs until thursday at 9:00 a.m. expecting 20s tomorrow morning so you will want to protect your pipes, your plants and of course don't forget about those pets. the rest of the bay area with the exception of san francisco under the freeze warning wednesday night through thursday morning. this does come with some danger and that is the risk of hypothermia. keep this in mind. the view from the exploratorium camera showing you how clear it is. the temperatures are in the 30s. santa rosa and napa as we look at the view of clear skies over san francisco. here are some of the coldest spots in the morning. 29 santa rosa and 27 in napa. 30s, low 30s, below freezing in fairfield, concord, livermore , and it is only going to get colder. we even have the potential foreseeing white capped peaks. i will be back with all of the details.
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>> thank you. our team coverage continues with abc7 news reporter alan wang in berkeley with a look at how zookeepers and shop keepers are tonight. >> usually the line in front of the popular ice cream shop is all the way down to the end of t but tonight it is a lot shorter. only the hard core ice cream lovers are out here braving the cold. others are just trying to stay nice and warl. warm. they are turning on the heat everywhere including the oakland zoo where the alligators are being kept at 75 degrees. >> this is our sweetest man in the zoo. >> and oj, the 100-year-old tortoise is taking cover in a barn with heat lamps. >> with the frost rn whatting coming we want them locked in. we added a little extra hay so they are nice and cozy. >> meantime others are rushing to dive into the cold weather. there is a line of custers at the store in berkeley who
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want their skis tuned up for the slopes. sierra ski resort including heavenly and north star are now open with half a foot of new snowfall. other resorts are deciding if they should open this saturday, a week early. >> i'm sure they are running around and trying to do what they can to get open. >> the guys remind you the cold air drains the charge in your battery faster and reduces the pressure in your tires. >> it causes the air pressure to decrease because the air particles contract at the lower temperatures. >> check your tire pressure, your battery and your antifreeze. it is all part of the change in habit that comes with this change in temperature. in the east bay, alan wang, abc7 news. >> and there is a freeze watch in effect in the south bay as well. sub freezing temperatures are expected until thursday in parts of santa clara county.
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abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is live in downtown san jose. it looks like the holiday season there. >> a lot is going on. you know, it feels like the holiday season as well. it is very cold. right now it is 45 degrees here in san jose. the cold may help some get into the holiday spirit, but it is definitely not a good thing for everyone. >> these push into the ground. >> she has a lot to do. she is protecting her citrus and avacado and guava from the cold temperatures. >> it it gets into the 20s and i don't do any protection the fruit and the avacado could be ruined. >> the plants could freeze and that's why she is stringing incandescent lights in them and trapping the heat. >> it is a 150-watt incandescent flood light. >> flood lights are another way to keep these trees warm
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and frost free. >> freezing. freezing. >> a heat source would be nice for those who are working outside. their only choice is to bundle up. >> scarf up and jacket up. >> thermal, jacket. i have a separate jacket inside. >> there are still those who couldn't wait for a cold, crisp night like this to come. >> i miss the frosty leaves when you walk on it. this is fun. >> i am finally in here at christmastime. >> by the look on this little girl's face she agrees and does president mind the -- and doesn't mind the cold one bit. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> the weather is changing and now is a good time to download the weather app. it is going to give you severe weather alerts. live radar and hourly temperature forecasts. plus it is free at developing news, the search will return for a san
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jose family lost for more than 48 hours in the idaho wilderness. the small plane took off from oregon and heading for montana, but the pilot reported engine problems over idaho. smith's daughter amber and her fiancee as well as smith's son shown here on the left and daniel's wife were all on board that plane with smith. smith is a software pioneer who founded the silicon valley company and he is considered an experienced pilot. >> i can fix that. i can do that stuff. when he sold this other company he has been flying ever since. >> rescuers today did pick up a weak transmitter signal to help narrow the search area. it is a highly inaccessible and rugged terrain. a bicyclist was killed in san jose. the suv ran into the cyclist. the driver stayed to talk with police and was not arrested.
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the victim is the 25th pedestrian or bicyclist killed in a traffic accident in san jose this year. authorities in the east bay are searching for a missing 13-year-old girl. she was last seen on sunday afternoon in pleasanton. she was in a car with three males near vineyard avenue and first street. police consider her at risk because she is so young. she is 5 foot 5 and weighs about 130 pounds and is airing a blue-green sweatshirt with diamond on it and yoga pants. and a fight to keep open the nation's oldest black owned bookstore, the oldest in the country. and it is here in san francisco. the building was sold in bankruptcy court. the current owners have agreed to allow the san francisco community land trust to buy the building. but marcus books thews come up with the money or vacate. the clock is ticking. the store is short a million dollars and will launch a fundraising campaign on thursday.
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>> bart's two largest unions accused them of unfair practices. it centers around the family medical leave clause. the board removed that clause from the contract before approving it last month claiming its inclusion in the contract was a mistake that would cost bart $67 million a year. the union lawsuit calls it i will legitimate and unprecedented. >> universal pictures has officially delayed the released of the next fast and furious movie after the death of its star. paul walker died in a car crash in los angeles, as you have heard. he is supposed to film a key part of "fast and furious" 7 in atlanta this week. the movie was to be released next july. an verse sal has -- an -- universal has not said how they will ham his death in the film. >> and now implications on where people can wear google glass. a san diego woman pled not guilty to a charming of distracked driving for wearing
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google glass behind the wheel. she is believed to be the first driver in the nation to be charged for wearing these glasses. her attorney says he will argue that they were not active while she was driving. >> we seem to have these laws that are trying to be applied to new technology. when there were these laws the technology didn't exist. there is a small chance it may be helping to solve the problem with cell phones in cars. >> they are charged with speeding. that's of course not related to the glass at all. her trial is set to begin in january. >> anonymous tips changing lives. coming up next on abc7 news, the generous things left in bay area restaurants. >> and the new addition to the santa tracker that has some people seeing red. >> and a body shaming battle. how a lingerie company is fighting back against the so-called fit mom. that's
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?ai -- let's show you new video just in. th is sur veil 11 individual -- sur surveillance video of a man taking two cats and throwing them into the bay in san francisco. now here is a freeze frame of the man from the video taken near the hyatt on the embark embarcadero. take a good look at that man's face. we firs reported this story
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last week. it happened near pier fiewr teen where a woman was carrying her two cats in a carrier. witnesses say the man threw it into the bay and both cats were killed. there is the carrier damaged. anyone with information is asked to contact san francisco animal care and control. >> mystery diner has been leaving tips at restaurants across the country including some right here in san francisco. the checks are signed tips for jesus. john alston -- john alston spoke to one waiter who was lucky enough to serve the customer of a lifetime. >> the servers can get big tips on high end meals, but never as meaty as the one served up a few weeks ago. a $1500 tip on a tab of $500. it was signed tips for jesus. the lucky waiter blessed by the money is andy zang. >> i was surprised and really happy. i just bought it for my
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fiancee. it helped me a lot. >> he was so happy he uke a picture of the mystery customers holding up the bill. one of them was celebrating a birthday and he got a thousand dollars and co-workers split the rest. >> we are happy. especially myself. i am really happy. >> the tip was legit. >> we had that manager go by the table and clarify it was the correct amount and we were reading it wrong. we thought maybe they won 50 and not 1500. they clarified and said that is what we intended. >> they say you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but they want to know who is behind this? is this a random act of kindness or movements? there is an instagram page showing resets of thousands of dollars tacked on. it says doing the lord's work one tip at a time. a server got a tip for a thousand dollars recently. >> everybody is at a different level. you can afford it and if you
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feel you want to be generous, that's awesome. >> otherwise, 15% to 20% will do. abc7 news. santa will have a little back up this christmas which is not sitting well with some child advocates. the u.s. military tracks santa and gives realtime updates on his flight around the world. children and parents can call or go on-line to find where santa is at that very moment. but this year santa will be joined by two fighter jets. a spokesperson for the north american aerospace command says it gives the jets a more operational feel. but some think the military already plays too big a role in the holiday. >> it is a body-sized faceoff. a bay area lon lingerie company is taking on fit mom after unflattering on-line comments. she first sparked accusations of fat shame whg she posted this photo. she showed an ad by curvey girl lingerie with plus sized
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women. they say it is a strange mentality. curvey girl is based in san jose and the store's owner wishes cane would be more accepting. >> i wish she would do her thing and let us do our thing. let's all peacefully co-exist. i think everybody that she helps is beautiful and i think everybody we help is beautiful. >> you can hear from both women in the debate tomorrow morning on good morning america beginning at 7:00 right here on abc7. an embarrassing mistake has come back to haunt the postal service. are you ready for this? this forever stamp design featured the statue of liberty and was featured in 2011. because of a mix up the picture was not based on the statue in new york harbor, but the replica standing on the las vegas strip. no kidding. it is ridiculous. now the skull tour of the replica is suing for copyright
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infringement. he said the postal office never asked to use his work. the stamp was never pulled from circulation because more than 5 billion copies were printed when the mistake was discovered. you can help us feed the bay area. visit the abc7 news facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live. for each pledge we will donate $1 to the feeding america food banks, up to 75,000. your good deed could be rewarded as well. everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 cash. the winner will be announced december 19th. spread the love and help us give where you live. >> we will make the campaign a huge success with your help. let's turn our attention back to where we started and that is the cold. >> sandhya patel is here with the latest. >> carolyn and dan, we will freeze by night and chill by day. it is not going to warm up much. clear skies right now, and our
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radar is tracking the chill. look at the 24-hour temperature change. it is 19-degree drop in santa rosa and it is a sharp dropoff in many parts of the bay area. a 9-degree drop. 16 degrees cooler in con card. concord. you are looking at downtown oakland and clear skies right now and 49 in san francisco and 46 in oakland and 44 san jose. you can see even on the peninsula, redwood city, los gatos and half moon bay, forget about the moderating effects of the water. it is 37 degrees. from our exploratorium camera you can see how crisp and clear it is out there in san francisco. 37 santa rosa and these numbers haven't bottomed out. 40 degrees concord and the view from the east bay hills camera a little bit of a shaky camera, and i show you because it may hold some of your temperatures up. just for you, sandy i went out
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1k3 froze my nickers off. it is a balmy 78 degrees in half moon bay. no one is escaping this freeze. it will be freezing cold the next two mornings. chilly in the afternoons and a wintry mix on friday and saturday. we may see snow showers here. i will explain in a moment. first tomorrow morning, grab your coats, boots, scarves and gloves. 27 in napa. 28 santa rosa. 29 in cloverdale. your kids need to be dressed warmly. freezing cold in fairfield, 32, 30 concord and 31 livermore. these are some of the coldest spots. 34 san jose, santa cruz and mid30s palo alto and fremont. oakland 39. 41 in san francisco. these are some of the locations where you will not be dealing with quite the chill yet. cold front went through and had a few showers and light drizzle this morning. now the arctic blast is here. the record lows are possible. tomorrow morning maybe one or two and a better likelihood on thursday morning when it will get colder.
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thursday afternoon our eyes are on this system and another cold one and that will drop down and by friday we will talk rain in the bay area. cold showers. low snow levels and the snow could fall 2,000 feet. you may see a little bit of snow and that is one of our lower peaks. in the sierra nevada the winter storm watch coming up friday morning through saturday afternoon. 6 to 12 inches expected on the west slopes of the see sierra ne dropping down to a thousand feet. a couple inches expected. very low snow levels. count on travel delays. carry your chains if you are heading up tomorrow afternoon. we are not going to escape the chill. the temperatures in the upper 40s to the low 50s for most of you. keep those extra layers handy. widespread freeze on thursday morning. protect your pets, pipes and plants. i can't emphasize it enough. snow and rain mix certainly possible. friday, look at the highs. mid40s to low 50s. saturday morning a lingering
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chance and now i am pulling out all chances of showers for the rest of your saturday and all of your sunday. cold weather returns on is up day morning, but it is not nearly going to be as chilly as what we are expecting over the next couple days. >> thank you, sandhya. let's talk warriors now. >> larry beil is here. >> they were freezing their nickers off. last time they had a fourth quarter come back like this it was 1962. sandhya remembers. >> that was before i was born. >> has next in sports. >> has next in sports. that's next in sports.
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soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at
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strange quirk in the schedule with the warriors and the sharks playing their canadian counterparts. from down 27 to winning by 9. he is warming up before the game and close to coming back
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from his hamstring injury. this is with authority. the raptors shot 60% from the field in the first half. kyle lowry beats the buzzer with a three. 36-19 after one. harrison barnes and 16 at half time and warriors down 17. at one point they were trailing and then they wake up in the fourth. hitting three's from all over the place. curry 27 and clay 32. second biggest come back in nba history. warriors win it going away 112-103. the sharks and maple leafs in toronto. it is the mayor rob ford. note o can -- ♪ o canada. ♪. 2-0 sharks three goals in four games for the captain. toronto answers with a pair of their own. power play goals. a 2-2 game.
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with pavel ski creating traffic and the sharks win their 6th in a row 4-2 as the bay area beats toronto. you buy low and sell high and find new assets. that's what billy bean tries to do with the a's and it earned him the baseball executive of the year award. the a's have won the al west despite being out spent by a swrl dollars. second time billy has won the award. today billy continued dealing and acquiring luke greger son from san diego and giving up seth smith to san diego. the a's added craig gentry from texas for prospect michael joyce. arizona and texas tech and aaron goldman -- and aaron gordman. he lead the wild cats with 19. second ranked arizona is now 8 of h 0 and 79-58 the final over at texas tech. abc7 sports brought to you by
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riverwalk casino. >> an exciting come back. >> the warriors game was amazing. they were dead in the water and then
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here is a look at your wake up weather. you will need the winter gear in the morning to keep you warm. it is going to be freezing cold. freeze warning for the north bay. clear and cold. freeze warning also for the straight and delta. 20s, 30s and 40s. mike niko is tracking it all. dan and carolyn? a driver in florida had the pleasure of meeting a friendly manatee. >> he was swimming in the crystal river when a manatee swam over and hugged him. the river is in citrus county which is the only place in florida where touching the manatees is legal. >> you can he wrapped his flippers around the man's legs and gave him a

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